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We have puppies available throughout the year.Please contact us for availability.

When ordering a pup, paid depositors have first pick in order of deposit paid. If you would like to purchase a TEENZER pup, we require a $200 non refundable deposit to hold a pup from an upcoming litter. Deposits are necessary so we can plan litters and ensure that you are serious about buying your pup. Deposit can be made after phone contact by direct deposit.
Payment Plans are available. I am happy for you to pay off your pup over time but it must be fully paid for before it leaves home.

If I were to have only one Cavalier, I’d want a male. The common saying is, “Females love you, but males are in love with you.” The males tend to really adore their owners. The females tend to be more aloof and love whomever they choose at that particular moment. With Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, it is the females that establish dominance hierarchies, and the males just go along with the flow. Two female cavaliers in the same household will generally have some issues with dominance(not if desexed), whereas two males will not. A one male/one female combination will not have dominance issues either, as the female will run the house.

All pups come to you with their first vaccinations, a full vet check and a microchip.They have been wormed every two weeks since birth . They will need to have their second vaccination at 12 weeks of age.

All pups come with LIMITED registration papers unless personally discussed with me by phone.

LIMITED - For pet only. No breeding or showing.
$2000 - Female 
$1800 - Male

MAIN - For breeding and showing.
$2500 - Female  
$2100 - Male

I am happy to arrange transport details for 
 you at your expense. Pups can be sent Australia wide. Some trips just take a little more organizing!!!!
I will ask for a small amount of fuel money to help with costs to travel for delivery. Usually $20 is sufficient.

In the rare case of a puppy not getting on with a family or the puppy been returned for some health reason  my policy is to replace the pup with a similar pup of same sex and same colour from the next available litter. A vet certificate must be provided as proof of any defect for a replacement pup.Contact  must be made with me within three days of pups arrival. No disputes will be entered into if buyer has not contacted me to discuss issues.


I would appreciate that you contact me directly if you have a problem with your pup.

Boy 2                                                              Boy 2

Boy 4                          Boy 4
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We have adult dogs available occasionally.
 Please contact for details.
We have two adorable Blenheim males available. They have been vet checked and have had their first and second vaccination andand are microchipped . They will come with Limited registration with Dogs NSW. Photos below. 

Tri Male 2
Upcoming Pups 

We will have Tri coloured males available towards the end of July. Please contact me for more information. Photos will be put up once they are running around.
Tri Male 1
Tri Male 3