Our Photo Gallery
Handraising after mum became sick.
Mmm thats good!!
It's so warm here under the heat lamp.
Just hold your hand here while I nap!
Hey  Just veggin until its playtime again.
I know, I know. I'm just to  cute!!!
A very content family
Are you guys ever going to leave home!!!
We've being playing dressup with the kids
This look like trouble is brewing!
It's very tiresome been a pup.
When I grow up I wanna be a  cowboy!
Anyone up for  footy!
Hey , I was bred to look beautiful.
Talk about a pair of posers
We don't even have to try and look cute!

BOO!!!!Trick or treat. Happy Halloween
Are you done yet!!! It can't be that hard to get a good photo.
I'm not royalty but damn near.!!
You have no idea how hard it is for me keep still this long. Hurry up.!
Nobody told us that real life was so tiring!!!
Just gonna have a nanna nap!
Look into my eyes and you will be under my spell!.

I keep telling you I'm  the boss!
Little poser. He knows how beautiful he is!
I'm ready to go to my new home. Can't wait to meet my family!
Nanny duties. Serious business!
So special!!
Before I tell you what happened I  Love you Mum!!!!!!